We Can Bring Your Pool Back to Life

Protecting and waterproofing your swimming pool can be time-consuming and expensive. This is because many sealants require you to use special application equipment and to purchase primer coats, as well as various topcoats. For a more affordable and hassle-free way of returning your pool to its best condition, reach out to Pristine Pool Coatings in Miami, FL. We offer pool coating and repair services to residential clients.

Make Your Pool New Again

Are you tired of searching for a real fix for your fiberglass pool coating?

You've come to the right place! Pristine Pool Coatings is your South Florida Service Provider for Affordable, Durable, Non-Toxic and Efficient Swimming Pool Coating services. We can make your pool new again!

Located in Miami Florida, Florida Fiberglass Pool Painting services are guaranteed to protect and seal your pool for three years! Protecting and waterproofing fiberglass and concrete pools can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. Many sealants require primer coats and numerous topcoats, as well as the use of special application equipment!

We are pleased to offer a 3 year warranty on products & services

Many coatings take up to 7 days to dry completely – which means a longer wait to refill your pool.

Most pool paint products break down from chemicals like chlorine or acids and over time fail to seal out toxic fiberglass resins which can breakdown from pools’ shells and cause irritation to swimmers’ eyes and lungs.

Sealed water-soluble concrete pools are vulnerable to cracks and splits that can cause the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi. Enjoy a healthy pool - whether fiberglass or concrete - by keeping it in a like new sealed condition.

Protect your pool! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Licensed and Insured CC#10P000462

Your Reliable Pool Expert

We are a fully licensed (CC#10P000462) and insured business and a proud member of Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). In addition, we are certified with AquaGuard and have successfully completed the Professional Development Certification Program in Miami. Through us, you can be confident that your swimming pool will be in safe hands.

We want to provide you with real and lasting solutions to your pool problems. That is why our team not only coats swimming pools with durable, efficient, and nontoxic paints but also repairs cracks and leaks. Our team uses a special technique to remove the unnecessary water from the belly to ensure that we will be able to fix the problems properly and to make the paint last longer. We know the possible dangers that may arise from draining water from the fiberglass shell. The counter pressure may break the fiberglass, so we also developed a safe, one-of-a-kind system that will relieve the pressure while we work on specialty pools.

How We Started

Our business was founded in 2004 because of the growing need for pool painting and repair services as well as the lack of companies that are offering them in the counties of Dade and Monroe. Since we were established, we have been improving the concrete and fiberglass pools of the homeowners we work with.

Our Mission

We aim to provide what is missing in the industry, which is an exceptional service that will restore your pool to its former glory. That is why our team strives to do everything we can to make swimming pools pristine and clean.

Safeguard and Seal Your Pool Today!

Many bodies of water surround South Florida. If you are a homeowner living in the area, then your swimming pool will most likely be installed with high water tables, which causes it to float and possibly have cracks when emptied. Some sealed water-soluble concrete pools are more vulnerable to splits, which can cause the growth of algae, bacteria, and fungi. To prevent these mishaps, get in touch with us, and take advantage of our outstanding services. We also offer a three-year warranty on our products and services as well as a seven-year warranty against cracking, chafing, and peeling.

Our company takes pride in the high quality of paints that we use. We only apply a high-build, superior epoxy paint called AquaGuard 5000. While many coatings take up to seven days to dry completely, ours do not consume that much time before you can refill your pool. Also, other pool paint products fade easily because of chemicals like chlorine and acids, and fail to seal toxic fiberglass resins, which can break down from pool shells and cause irritation to swimmers’ eyes and lungs. Fortunately, our coating will keep your pool looking like it’s always in a newly sealed condition! Contact us today, and enjoy an uncontaminated and healthy pool! We guarantee our client’s satisfaction.